Various Nursing Procedure
1. Simple to Complex wound care 2. Management of pressure ulcer (Bed Sore) 3. Naso Gastric Tube Feeding. (Tube Feeding) 4. Phlebotomy and Venepuncture (Blood taking and Blood test) 5. Stoma Care 6. Replacement of feeding tube/ urine catheter 7. Change of trachy cannula. 8. Suctioning of tracheostomy/ oral suctioning. 9. Medication Administration, Packing and Re-ordering
SGD$80 / session
Tetsuyu Home Care Pte Ltd . (More Details)
We are a Singapore healthcare practice that delivers complete nursing, medical and therapy care in the convenience of...
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What you get with this service
  • For Services 1 to 9, fees for 1 procedure only start from $80
  • Additional $30 for any services after 6pm. Please call 62586683.
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