Sumithra Seger - Experienced Home Nurse Singapore

Experienced Home Nurse

I manage patient care and recovery I have helped people who have suffered injuries, from accidents or illnesses.
Here are some of the following tasks I have performed:]
• Overseeing patient care
• Tube Feeding.
• Checking vitals , Sponging, feeding, showering the patient
• Administering medication with doctor's note.
• Reviewing and evaluating patient progress
• Implementing patient care programs
• Cleaning wounds and cuts

SGD$20 / hour
Batch 4 01
Sumithra Seger (More Details)
I have 6 years of hospital ward experience, and I have a valid SNB, BCLS certificate, and I am Venepuncture trained...
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What you get with this service
  • Overseeing patient care
  • Tube Feeding
  • Cleaning wounds and cuts
  • Bedside Care
  • Price is subjected to nature of the case
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Caroline Singapore 03 Mar 2017 09:24 AM

Madhuri Khan Singapore 04 Apr 2017 10:38 AM

She was good, always on time, attentive, and was willing to stay back a little longer to finish up her work.

Suresh Singapore 05 May 2017 16:25 PM

Sumithra has done a good job, even though it was a short stint of three weeks but we think she did a good job.

Clara Singapore 08 Aug 2017 13:13 PM