Experienced Home Nurse
With over a decade of home nursing experience, Puvaneswary has experienced a wide variety of cases. Such cases include asthma, pneumonia, hypertension, diabetes among many others. She also has a lot of procedure experience, having performed simple and complex dressing, NGT feeding, IV fluid scheduling and administration of medication. Weekend Short Cases 4- 6 hours : $25 / hr 12 hours shift Weekdays (Night) : $220 12 hours shift Weekdays (Day) : $200
SGD$20 / hour
Batch 4 02
Puvaneswary Kanniah (More Details)
Puveneswary is an excellent communicator with over decade experience in nursing. Always keeping updated on the latest...
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What you get with this service
  • NGT Feeding
  • Simple/complex dressing
  • Administration of medication
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Sharifah Singapore 04 Apr 2017 10:45 AM