Health Caregiver
dementia, stroke, parkinson, palliative, falls, companionship, prescribed therapy, medical escort, post operation, bathing, cooking (optional) , etc.
SGD$20 / hour
Khung Hwa Mae Lee (More Details)
I have been doing caregiving at home for five years. I am an HMI Institute of Health Sciences ("HMI-IHS") graduate...
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Last service: 03 Feb 2017

What you get with this service
  • transfer from bed to wheelchair and vice versa
  • walk the hard of walking and teach balancing
  • help knee replacement or hip replacement patients to move correctly
  • turn immobile patients on bed and or sit ups
  • stimulate the memory of dementia patients
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Minimum duration 3 hours 0 minutes
Maximum duration 12 hours 0 minutes
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