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Home Nursing

- Assess patient’s condition at homes and teach the patient and family members according to their needs. - Provide total nursing care. Type of patients handled: 1. Stroke cases 2. Bedridden geriatric cases 3. Brain death 4. Renal failures 5. Dementia 6. Terminal cancers patient 7. Post op care 8. Care of a new born baby.

Duties: Hygiene care- bed bath, general bath, perinea care, back care, oral care. hair shampoo, Vital sign – B/P, Pulse, Resp, Temp, Pain score. Diet – orally, N/G feeding, PEG feeding. Elimination Needs – Enema insertion, change diapers. Served Medication – orally, S/C, I/M Documentation – write and pass over report, effective communication with staff, patients and family members Care of a dying patient – comfort needs, moral support, close observation. Others: - Range of Movement - Basic physiotherapy - RBS monitoring - Giving insulin - N/G tube insertion and feeding - PEG feeding - CBD removal and insertion - Tracheotomy care, dressing/suctioning - Positioning - Peritoneal dialysis - Divertional therapy - Splinting of limbs - Wear DVT stoking

MYR100.00 / session
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Jasmin Abdullah
Jasmine Jasbeer; a professional registered nurse who had started her career as an Assistant Nurse in ICU unit; Tung... (More Details)
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