Eileen Tan - Experienced Staff Nurse Singapore

Experienced Staff Nurse

I can administer oral medication and intramuscular and subcutaneous injection, monitor vital signs and hypocount, insert NGT, assist with tube feeding, suctioning, female catheterization, toilet bathing, bed sponging, wound dressing and general nursing care. I can also care for newborns, children and the elderly. I have a passion for nursing and will show patience, compassion and respect towards my patients by ensuring that they are clean and comfortable.

SGD25.00 / hour
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Eileen Tan
I have accumulated many years of experience in antenatal, postnatal and newborn care at the labour wards of KK... (More Details)
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Service(s) Provided
  • Post natal care.
  • Care of the new born or chidren
  • General nursing care.
  • Post operative care.
  • Elderly patient care/palliative care.
Time Schedule ( Please highlight on the calendar to create bookings )
  • Minimum duration 6 hours
  • Maximum duration 12 hours
  • Rest & Travel time 2 hours (time required between bookings)
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