Home Nursing
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SGD$18 / hour

I am registered nurse with 2 years of experience. I have previously worked in Polyclinic, Outpatient Surgical clinic at National University Hospital (NUH), Pearls Hill Care Home and I am Freelance Private Nurse. I am able to perform medical procedures like NGT insertion and feeding, wound...

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SGD$15 / hour

ADL activities. -Showering. -Feeding. -Assisting with elimination needs. -Ng Tube Feeding -Rom exercises -Oxygen therapy -Providing Care

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SGD$20 / hour
Khung Hwa Mae

assist patients in cases like dementia, stroke, palliative, hip replacement, knee replacement, limb injuries, parkinson etc. Also assist in prescribed therapy, bathing, cooking (optional) etc

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SGD$23 / hour

I have been in nursing for over 20 years in NUH. I am surgically trained. I have worked in the paeds (from newborn till adolescents), palliative, cancer wards and worked with dementia and Alzheimers patients. I have experience with geriatric cases in a one to one setting. I can do simple to...

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SGD$20 / hour

I have had over 20 years of hospital experience and also engaged in various departments such as geriatric & paediatric. I enjoyed helping the elderly at home and have handled home cases such as assisting bedridden patients, to relieve bedsores by using re positioning techniques, patient who has...

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SGD$25 / hour

Administer oral medication,intramuscular/subcutaneous injection,vital signs monitoring, hypocount, ryles tube insertion,tube-feeding,suctioning,female catheterization,assisted toilet bath, bed sponging, dressing of wounds & general nursing care. Care of the new born, children & the elderly. Has...

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