Food & Nutrition Singapore

SGD50 / session

This is an interactive hands-on cooking session for domestic helpers to gain confidence and understanding on cooking healthy and delicious meals for their households. The session will be conducted in both English and Malay by Accredited Dietitians whom are also avid cooks. We will be sharing...

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SGD25 / hour

I can cook nutritional food according to your medical needs as well as your preferred food in a healthier nutritional method. I can also prepare a diet plan and cook it during your ongoing therapy. For example: food that are suitable for patients ongoing chemotherapy or cancer...

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SGD15 / hour

As an ex-hotel chef and food stall proprietor, I can fix a menu up with your needs in mind. I can re-innovate traditional meals into something different and healthier to entice your palate.

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SGD50 / hour

I used to cook for my grandmother who has passed away. She used to love oat prawn!

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SGD30 / session

I am a self-taught homecook and have experience in regular Chinese home cooked dishes (steamed fish, soups, meats) and simple Western dishes (pasta, lasagna). I can prepare dishes or bento sets for you and your family on the days where you just feel like having home cooked meals but do not have...

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SGD20 / hour

An active individual who is constantly involved in Volunteer work and loves to bring smiles to others. Has 6 years of experience in being a care companion and also a medical escort, and is able to provide vegetarian food. Is open and patient, someone whom you definitely can rely on and also be...

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