Yi Fen Tan - Did you just say HEALTHY indulgences? Singapore

Did you just say HEALTHY indulgences?

Healthy, delicious cooking that’s easy to make and easy to follow! Healthy food doesn’t need to be bland or boring. It can just be as flavorful, filling and wholesome. Perfect for the health conscious, or adapting to a special diet. Even your kids will soon be in love with their most hated fruits & veggies!

*Please note that groceries and tools will not be provided. Basic cooking utensils and tools are needed.

SGD20.00 / hour
Yi Fen Tan
Currently a part-time student and part-time event/gig singer. Absolutely love animals and passionate about anything... (更多)
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  • Customizable recipes to adapt to family’s diet
  • Baking nutritious desserts
  • Preparing healthy food with a busy lifestyle
  • Encouraging kids to be more adventurous eaters
  • Learning more nutritional informations and health benefits of different foods
  • 最短持續時間 1 小時
  • 最長持續時間 3 小時
  • 提前通知 6 小時 (確認預訂所需的時間)
  • 选择以绿色突出显示的可用时间
  • 在日历上的绿色插槽中单击并拖动以进行预订