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Stressed with caregiving? Need someone to stand-in for a couple of hours (e.g. transport services, medical appointments etc), or to have a trusty partner to care for your loved ones on a regular basis? Don't worry, you're not alone (I truly understand this because I am the sole caregiver for my mom who has recently been diagnosed with dementia) So, I am a speech therapist in the day, and I have a fair bit of experience working with the elderly folks (Dementia, strokies, etc) and with children (ASD, down syndrome). I can speak mandarin, english and cantonese fluently. However Hokkien and Malay ... is limited to "Hi, what's your name? Have you eaten?" Although I can provide speech therapy services, I will be perfectly happy to simply sit around and have a chat with the client. I don't want to come across as writing an ad for Tinder, but I truly believe that chemistry is important for this line of work. It is only when clients enjoy my company, that makes caregiving fun and satisfying. Drop me a message, and we can figure out if I'm the right one to provide care for your loved ones. :)
SGD$20 / hour
Michelle kwan
Michelle Kwan (More Details)
I am a speech therapist at a local hospital by day, and I am registered with Allied Health Professions Council...
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What you get with this service
  • Great communicator with experience working with elderly and children
  • Adult speech therapy services (swallowing difficulties, communication rehab)
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