Child-friendly Series 1: Wholemeal Pancakes and Ice-cream in a bag Cooking Class
A great way for kids to have hands-on cooking with a touch of science! Make wholemeal hearty pancakes, and quick & easy ice-cream making with healthier options toppings. Play with making pancakes in different shapes and prints! We take great care providing a safe kitchen environment during your child's learning experience and also do encourage a parent to join in!
SGD$50 / session
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Nutriwerkz Nutrition Consultancy and Cooking School - (More Details)
Established in 2015, Nutriwerkz Nutrition Consultancy and Cooking School strives to impart quality nutrition concepts...
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Last service: 09 Jan 2017

What you get with this service
  • Price includes for one parent and one child, great parent-child bonding time!
  • Covered shoes are highly encouraged for safety reasons
  • Accredited Dietitians to answer your nutrition queries, avid cooks too!
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