Cooking Singapore

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SGD$25 / hour

Cooking nutritional food according to your medical needs. Cooking your preferred food in a nutritional healthier method. Preparing a diet plan and cooking it during your ongoing therapy. For example: Foods that are suitable for patients ongoing chemotherapy/cancer therapy 1) silken...

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Food prep princess
SGD$20 / hour

Buying food, reheating food and feeding Please contact the agent. To arrange the time when booking my services. Thank you.

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SGD$15 / hour

Provide halal-friendly, healthy and nutritious meal to the elderly and persons with special diet requirements by a professionally trained Muslim chef. Menu planning discussion with customer to meet customer's needs. Halal-friendly food as provider is a Muslim chef. Fees varies by services required.

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SGD$50 / session
Nutriwerkz ...

Come and join us in making a healthy dishes that is tasty, high in fiber and appealing. Learn the healthier cooking methods and combine healthy ingredients in this fun-filled class!

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SGD$20 / hour
Choon Hwee

I have experience in cooking and have cooked for a long time. I have a good palette and can cook a variety of different cuisines that can satisfy a wide range of palettes.

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