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Liu Lian Ying or also known as Lian Jie is an enthusiastic confinement nanny. Having been in the service of confinement care for 15 years, she is well experienced in handling and feeding newborns, teaching breastfeeding to new mothers, as well as caring for Jaundice babies. Just this past year, she has cared for 6 families. She has an easy going personality and gets along well with people. She learned confinement care from her peers who were confinement nannies. She is able to cook yummy confinement meals such as Steamed Chicken with Chicken Essence, Sesame Chicken with Ginger, Steamed Threadfin Fish with Wolfberries and more. She is also able to speak up to 4 languages such as Mandarin, Teochew, and fluent English.

SGD$2,500 / month
Lian Ying Liu
Skills and knowledge taught by herself or by her peers and relatives, She has done referrals (More Details)
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Service(s) Provided
  • Agency fee SGD600 nett not included in Service Fee. (*)
  • Additional fee SGD120 for booking within 30days
  • Availability : Jul-17
  • Nanny is available for phone
  • *Fees exclude festive season e.g. Chinese New Year
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Minimum duration 3 hours 0 minutes
Maximum duration 12 hours 0 minutes
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