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I have been a confinement nanny for 3 years and received my confinement training at Thomson Medical (Singapore). I am polite, patient and have good knowledge on nutrition. I can cook confinement and non-confinement food such as Pork Belly Soup or Pig Vinegar, for the family. I am knowledgeable on breast feeding, can babysit and do simple household chores (once a week). Moreover, I can communicate in many languages and dialects such as Chinese, Hokkien, Teochew, Fuzhou, Malay, Cantonese and English (fluent).

SGD3,000.00 / month
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Kelly Gaik
I have 3 years of experience being a confinement nanny in both Singapore and Malaysia. Trained in Singapore's Thomson... (More Details)
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  • Rest & Travel time 20 hours (time required between bookings)
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Radha Singapore 11 Nov 2019 10:11 AM

The past 28 days have been a breeze because of our confinement nanny Kelly, who takes care of us like family. Kelly is an experienced and capable nanny who takes impeccable care of our newborn. From feeding, to diapering, burping and cleaning him, she has never missed a beat. She has imparted valuable knowledge on newborn care to us parents as well. She is truly a baby whisperer who understands babies and responds to their needs appropriately. Kelly places a lot of thought into every meal she prepares for me. Her food is well-balanced, tasty and nutritious. She takes a lot of effort to plate every meal to make it look appealing. Her dishes are tasty as well as healthy. My recovery after a c section was much faster thanks to her. She also boils red dates tea daily for me to drink. My milk supply has been well boosted thanks to her food and tea. Kelly also cooks healthy dishes for my husband and toddler. We look forward to meal times daily. She takes the effort to remember what my toddler likes and plans his meal accordingly. We really appreciate her thoughtfulness and care towards him. Overall she is hardworking and has a positive attitude. She goes out of her way to understand and help us. We would definitely recommend her to our expectant friends and family.