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I have been a full-time confinement nanny for the past 5 years. After caring for an average of 7 families a year, I am able to differentiate the cries from when a newborn is hungry or upset. I am also able to speak 5 languages and am great in the kitchen. I am available from February 2017 onwards.

SGD2,500.00 / session
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Hong Tee Yee
I am Yee Hong Tee, otherwise known as Auntie Jenny, who is a gracious confinement nanny with five years of... (More Details)
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Happy Singapore 06 Jun 2017 16:24 PM

I would recommend my confinement lady Jenny, who is in her mid-40s. I'm very satisfied with her service as she has taken good care of me and my baby. Her good points are: 1. She cooks really well (she and her husband owns a restaurant in malacca) and shares her recipes with us. I have never liked soup, but I loved all the soups she made! She will even prepare desserts at your request. We were fortunate to get to try the full range of dishes (besides confinement food), and she whipped up other yummy dishes like lemon chicken, salted egg chicken, sweet sour pork etc. She works v fast and efficiently and plans ahead. She also cooks for all our visitors and the whole family, including my 2 year old. She is very observant, noticing my preferences in eating and the portion I eat so as to cater to my tastebuds and to cook exactly the right portion. 2. She has good knowledge of Chinese herbs and will adjust amount based on your constitution. 4. She helps to occupy my 2 year old while I eat and bathe and sings songs to her. 5. She is very experienced with babies and will ensure safety of baby at all times. 6. She is open to discussion and will accommodate our requests (for example, not warming the breastmilk in too hot water even though it would have been faster doing things her way). She also will not put wine in your food if you so request. 7. When I was in hospital after delivery, the nurses couldn't solve the problem of my blocked ducts even after 2 days, but it resolved immediately when I came home and followed the nanny's advice! She also does overseas confinement. She can converse in basic english but she reads and writes Chinese only, so you would have to msg her in Chinese. Hope you get to enjoy her services too! All the best mummies!