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Experienced Confinement Nanny

I am a confinement nanny with 4 years of experience. After so many years on the job, I have learned to care for colic babies. I am able to find out what the baby needs or if they have ailments such as stomach flatulence and blocked nose. I don't only care for the baby, but also the needs of the mother too. My confinement food will help the mummy gain back strength. In addition, I am also able to cook non-confinement food to satisfy mummy's cravings. I also help around the house by doing simple home cleaning and hand washing laundry. I am able to speak many languages, Mandarin, simple Hokkien, Hakka and Cantonese.

SGD2,600.00 / month
Yap chee kuen
Chee Kuen Yap
I am a confinement nanny with 4 years of experience. I usually handle 3 to 4 cases a year and after so many years on... (More Details)
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Service(s) Provided
  • Agency fee SGD600 nett not included in Service Fee. (*)
  • Additional fee SGD120 for booking within 30days
  • Availability : Aug, Sept, Oct, Dec 2017; Jan 2018
  • Nanny is available for phone interview
  • *Fees exclude festive season e.g. Chinese New Year
Time Schedule ( Please highlight on the calendar to create bookings )
  • Minimum duration 20 hours
  • Maximum duration 20 hours
  • Advance Notice 12 hours (time required for acknowledging a booking)
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    Qing Qing Singapore 07 Jul 2017 15:53 PM