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Coaching & Counseling Singapore

SGD150 / session

I have experience in both nursing and counselling. These experiences have equipped me with a lot of patient experience which I use to understand the psycho-emotional needs of patients with physical disabilities. I am able to provide counselling for a variety of issues such as abuse, addiction,...

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SGD121 / hour

My mission is to help individuals to establish a balanced, meaningful and holistic lifestyle. In my work, I employ techniques from mindfulness-based cognitive (MCBT) practices,  psychoanalytical & existential approaches incorporating art and play therapy. Individual counselling is a...

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SGD80 / session

I can share with you techniques about deep breathing, how to calm yourself, how to know about your own mind, negative thoughts, and alot more. Well basically i'm always here to be your listening ear whenever you need to let out whatever that is inside you. SURELY WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL..

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SGD150 / hour

Coaching allows one to discover more about oneself, thereby, enabling one to change for a happier and more purposeful life.  You can need coaching to be a stress-free caregiver for a senior, or a more mindful parent. Or, you can be just someone who needed coaching to help you find more physical...

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SGD120 / hour

Helping individuals work through life's stressors. Providing an avenue to safely discuss issues and promoting healthy changes towards personal growth and healing.

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SGD100 / session

I empower people to become self aware of the problems and issues that they are facing. I focus on helping teenagers, adults, couples and families.

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