Moving Beyond Loss and Grief (Individual or Group)
Recovery from loss and grief is possible. I offer the Grief Recovery Method program (GRM) to groups and individuals. GRM is an action-based learning with tools to help people move beyond loss and grief. It empowers individuals to take new actions which lead to completion of pain attached to their significant losses to lead more productive lives. 4 weekly group sessions of 3.5 hours per session. Individual sessions also available for 4 weekly sessions of 1.5 hours per session.
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Chow Kheng Tang (More Details)
I am a certified Grief Recovery Specialist. I Have worked as a full time counselor with a voluntary welfare...
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What you get with this service
  • Group program of 4 sessions of at least 3.5 hour ($35 per hour) - minimum 4pax.
  • Individual program of 4 sessions of at least 1.5 hour ($99 per hour).
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Minimum duration 1 hours 30 minutes
Maximum duration 1 hours 30 minutes
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