Susai Anniemalika - 25 years of working experience in healthcare industry Malaysia

25 years of working experience in healthcare industry

As an expert in medical support, care companion is my thing and I do monitor patient activities in order to keep them safe.
Nursing aid is one of my key services. It includes basic nursing procedure such as showering, toileting, feeding and simple wound dressing to the Careseeker. Besides, I am also available for simple cooking, simple housekeeping and overnight work if required.
With 20 over years of clinic experience, I am also familiar with medical escort services. The service includes patient needs from registration, handle of the wheelchair, toilet breaks and meal time. Apart from these, I will also ensure correct medication schedules to ensure the family members know about the next appointment schedules. I am able to work around KL and PJ areas.

MYR$12 / hour
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Susai Anniemalika
I have been in the healthcare industry for 25 years and able to perform basic clinical procedure. My area of... (More Details)
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Service(s) Provided
  • Keep the elder accompany
  • Control the elder diet, if required
  • Can do simple cooking for the elder
  • Simple house keeping
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Maximum duration 20 hours 0 minutes
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