Mark Sim Maa Koh - Accompany patient while they recover and provide assistant. Singapore

Accompany patient while they recover and provide assistant.

Provide care and attention while patient recover from their treatment at their home.

SGD15.00 / hour
Mark Sim Maa Koh
After working 30 years in the manufacturing sector, I opted for an early retirement to pursue my utmost passion,... (More Details)
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This Caregiver is covered by CaregiverAsia’s Personal Indemnity - Medical Malpractice Protection
This Caregiver has passed our backgrounds check and is definitely safe to have in your homes, taking care of you and your loved ones.


Service(s) Provided
  • Attend to his immediate needs.
  • Administer to the need of medicine
  • Accompany him to and from toliet
  • Review follow up.
  • Other needs which arises.
Time Schedule
  • Minimum duration 3 hours
  • Maximum duration 5 hours
  • Advance Notice 12 hours (time required for acknowledging a booking)
  • Rest & Travel time 2 hours (time required between bookings)
How to make a booking
  • Select the available timings that are highlighted in green
  • Click and drag within the green slots on the calendar to book
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