Kin Wang Mah - I'm here to serve you better. Singapore

I'm here to serve you better.

I'm fit to escort your loved one to an appointment such as Hospital,Clinic, visiting places etc..from home to destination & back to home.

SGD19.00 / hour
Kin Wang Mah
In my previous job, it is important to be physically fit, meticulous and organized. I enjoy nature and take frequent... (更多)
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  • I can accompany your love one from home to places visit & back to home
  • To escort your loved one for activities like walking the forest.
  • To escort your love like to visit friends or relatives.
  • 最短持續時間 1 小時
  • 最長持續時間 6 小時
  • 提前通知 6 小時 (確認預訂所需的時間)
  • 选择以绿色突出显示的可用时间
  • 在日历上的绿色插槽中单击并拖动以进行预订