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Companionship with a Smile

A friendly, positive and cheerful care companion and medical escort for the young to the elderly. I am able to assist patients with their transportation from residence to appointment venue, registrations, medicine collection from the pharmacy and provide companionship and support for your loved ones. I am also able to accompany patients undergoing physical rehabilitation at the medical centre or gym and provide encouragement in their quest for recovery. I am able to do last minute care, subject to availability. Feel free to enquire for slots not listed below.

SGD20.00 / hour
Juliana Lai
I am positive, easy-going, patient, and able to adapt to different situations. I am currently self-employed,... (更多)
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本照顾者受CaregiverAsia的个人赔偿 - 医疗事故保护

最后一次服务 : 09 May 2019


  • Patient's care and safety a priority
  • Give moral support by being a listener
  • Orderly paper administration in medical appointments and follow up check ups
  • Calm action with a smile during unpredictable situations
  • Assist in activities of daily living
  • 最短持續時間 3 小時
  • 最長持續時間 12 小時
  • 提前通知 12 小時 (確認預訂所需的時間)
  • 选择以绿色突出显示的可用时间
  • 在日历上的绿色插槽中单击并拖动以进行预订
Swee San Singapore 07 Jul 2018 16:58 PM

Juliana has gone above and beyond her job responsibilities to deliver the most personal level of care to my mother in her final days.