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I have experience in looking after the needs of my elderly parents, my mother who has dementia and my father who has a heart condition. So I understand the need for quality care for the elderly. Hence, I pursued a 14-module course in Advanced Certification in Social Services in Eldercare by Hua Mei Training Academy. I also have certification as a First Aider and CPR+AED Instructor.I also regularly accompany my parents for their regular medical appointments and am familiar with the healthcare system. Currently I’m engaged with families you required me to come in on a weekly basis to engage with their elderly.

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    Deepti Bhattacharjee
    I have experience in looking after the needs of my elderly parents, my mother who has dementia and my father who has... (More Details)
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    Last service : 18 Jun 2019


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    Vijey Singapore 02 Feb 2019 09:17 AM

    Deepti has made a big difference to my mother-in-law's well-being. Within a short space of time, she identified the things which were important to her and applied them in each of her sessions - Indian classical music, board games such as monopoly and othello, traditional games such as 5 stones and enough time to chat about current affairs, things of interest to my mum-in-law or things that she finds troubling. This positive engagement has occupied my mother-in-law with activities she truly enjoys, allowed for trust to be built quickly and allowed Deepti to experiment with new activities from time to time. As such, it is no surprise that my mum-in-law looks forward very much to each of her sessions and shares her inner most feelings with Deepti. Deepti has been truly dedicated to the welfare of my mum-in-law, often spending a bit more than the scheduled time and taking her phone calls when she needs a sympathetic ear to listen to whatever is bothering her at the time. She sometimes calls in during the week just to speak to my mum-in-law. Given her closeness to my mum-in-law, we were pleased that Deepti was able to celebrate my mum-in-law's recent birthday together along with family and her closest friends. In view of the foregoing, I would strongly recommend Deepti as a caregiver given her kindness, her sincerity in providing care, her dedication and her continual search for solutions aimed at improving the well-being of my mum-in-law.

    Linda Singapore 01 Jan 2020 10:32 AM

    I engaged the services of Deepti while I was travelling back to Australia with my elderly parents whom both have individual health issues. I needed assistance with medication, mobility, and helping my parents adapting to a changed environment which would have been most challenging for me to do as a foreign traveller. Deepti ensured all their medical and companionship needs were covered, and took time to investigate their conditions and tailor made the care they needed individually. Deepti made a huge impact on my parents and my stay and we were 100% satisfied with the quality of the care service she displayed. Deepti was understanding and highly qualified for their medical needs as a carer for all aspects of their health needs including mobility, medication and in particular my father’s fluid restrictions and shortness of breath to my mother’s mobility and emotional needs. Deepti was sensitive, engaging and phenomenal company. I'd hear them laughing and talking, and apart from their medical needs, the attention given to them made them both feel very comfortable and special. Deepti had everything covered, it was more than I could ask for and felt extremely confident having my parents in Deepti’s care. I would highly recommend Deepti, as we all left with the fondest of memories and my parents still talk about her and tell their friends of the wonderful experience they had on their holiday. I initially booked for a carer / companion, but go so much more from my experience with Deepti in every respect. L Oppermann, Australia – October 2019

    Sarah Singapore 01 Jan 2020 10:06 AM

    I would like to express my gratitude towards how wonderful Deepti was in my time in Singapore. As you maybe aware I was on a family holiday with my disabled father, as we started our on cruise first then headed into Singapore after, Deepti meet my expectations and more. From my father and my whole family, we couldn't have thanked Deepti enough for her work and how quickly she became almost part of our family. From the first meeting with my father, we completely fell in love with her, her work ethics and personality was something we haven't experienced here even in Australia. As I was feeling distressed after caring for dad on our cruise, Deepti took the time to listen to my needs and my hurdles that I faced while looking after dad on the cruise. She took him under her wing and made him feel the best he has felt in many years, from the professional showering, caring of his wounds, and the time taken just to have a chat and getting to know him. I feel very strongly that I wouldn't have been able to cope for my days in Singapore with out her. My father is excited to return back to Singapore for another holiday to have Deepti care for him again. I can not thank her and yourself enough for the outstanding care and professionalism received from all, it makes me more excited and happy to return to Singapore for a holiday as now I know I have 5 star care there for dad from Deepti. Some of the most presioucs moments in our holiday was shared with Deepti and I thank you all so much for that . Will definitely be recommending her and care give Asia for anyone who is looking for that 5 star care in Singapore. Until next time, thank you and a big thanks to Deepti.

    Yeo Singapore 10 Oct 2020 09:47 AM

    I like that Deepti is very enthusiastic and caring to her clients, calls them from time to time, brings them gifts, etc. Without any instruction, she planned exercise, cooking, games, puzzles as forms of mental stimulation for my mother.  Cooking will make my mother plan a task from start to finish as this process will involve planning, purchasing, prepping, cooking and assembling the dish together. This gives Deepti a clear overall assessment of where my mother capabilities are and therefore we can set 12/24 month goals.   Top marks 5 for Deepti!