Therapy Experienced Care Companion
I am a trained therapy aide from HMI, and have worked in 3 different healthcare institutions before becoming a freelance caregiver. I do therapy aide as my main freelance work but also have experience from previous work on caring for the elderly, therefore able to provide care companion services. i can assist with supporting patient when they are weaker physically, i assist them to do some simple exercises and stretches depending on their physical condition. I can assist with supporting elderly to the toilets and keep a watchful eye on them including their meal time. Also provides simple home activities such as colouring books or play-doh. Can speak Mandarin and English as well as dialects Hokkien or Cantonese to communicate.
SGD$25 / hour
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Coron Hang (More Details)
My name is Coron and I'm a trained therapist assistant. I have clinical experience for my therapy services. I am...
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What you get with this service
  • Therapy Exercises and Stretches for Upper and Lower Limbs
  • Assist with supporting patient to and fro
  • Able to bring them down for walks and do some activities
  • Home Activities like Colouring, Ball Games and Play-Doh.
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Minimum duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Maximum duration 5 hours 0 minutes
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