Keep the elderly engaged in conversations or reading stories to them. Also keep their minds healthy and prevent gettingDementia. Show or teach the young or elderly how to do handicrafts in order to exercise their hands and fingers. Play board games with the elderly. Help to feed the elderly who are feeble and not so mobile having their meals
SGD$18 / hour
Belinda Oh Chuan Yap (More Details)
Belinda is friendly & sociable. She has great interpersonal skills & enjoys looking after the young & old; engaging...
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What you get with this service
  • Extra activities to keep the elderly or young ones cheery and occupied.
  • Art therapy for those who needed comfort and care.
  • Bring back their treasured memories, good rejuvenation for the mind
  • Additional hands on activities besides cards and board games.
  • Sing a long with those who love singing and poem reciting.
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