Shanniel Xu - You need a date night and I’m here to help! Singapore

You need a date night and I’m here to help!

Children are fruits of a loving couple, but sometimes they might just be the hinderance for their parents too.
Date nights, night out with friends or company events, I am happy to step in and help make sure that the kids are watched and kept safe.

SGD$15 / hour
Shanniel Xu
I am 27 years old female, Singaporean. I love kids and often babysit kids of my family and friends. I am very... (More Details)
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Service(s) Provided
  • Bed time story telling
  • Monitor/assist homework
  • Playing games (Not recommended for weeknight)
  • Cook
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Minimum duration 3 hours 0 minutes
Maximum duration 6 hours 0 minutes
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