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Hello there! I'm an A-level graduate & a diploma holder waiting for uni to begin in Jul'18. I am a kid-lover! I'm able to look after kids from 12 months and above. I can't cook but I can feed your child if meals are prepared. I am willing to travel down to your place as well. I would say I am fairly experienced with children as I've always helped to look after my nieces and nephews.

35$/hr and 40$/hr after midnight + transportation fee home

SGD$35 / hour
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Shanice Ling (More Details)
I'm an A level graduate & a diploma holder. I'm currently waiting for uni to begin in July 2018. Looking for a part...
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Service(s) Provided
  • Babysit your child
  • Feed/shower/tuck your child into bed
  • Play with your child
  • Bring your child out to play etc
  • Love & care for your child :)
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Minimum duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Maximum duration 12 hours 0 minutes
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