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I am Leny, 25 years old, Singaporean female. My race is Chinese and religion is buddhist. I reside along buangkok. I can speak English, Chinese and Hokkien (but not so fluent, but able to understand). My profession is a manicurist. I am a full time freelance home-based manicurist and therefore during my free time I am able to take on side jobs, as I can plan and schedule my time freely.

I have 2 lovely and cute baby boys. They are of age 6 months old and 19 months old. My elder son, age 19 months old, is now currently going to childcare (playgroup). Why put him in childcare? Because this way he is able to expose to the outside world and interact, mingle and learn new things from teacher and friends. I am now caring for my younger son, age 6 months old and doing my job at home at the same time. My mother-in-law is home most of the time and therefore she can take care my younger son for me at times when I am working. Other than taking care of my own sons, I do take care for my friends' daughter, age 9 month old, 2 years old, and I can interact with kids of all age well enough.

I genuinely love children and does not see babysitting as work. Why I apply to be a caregiver? My mother-in-law, introduced me to this caregiver website, as she said: "You are good and handle babies well, you can take up some jobs during your free time.", my friends told me : "You have that aura in you, you are firm, you can play with the kids well and at the same time they do listen to you well and not being grumpy." and therefore I applied. My motive of applying this caregiver job is to help those parents out there, who are unable to care for their child due to work or not knowing how to care for their child as a first-timer parent. I may not have years of experience for childcare like those nannies with certificate do, but I am a parent for close to 2 years. What a parent does for a child is beyond what nannies with certificate can do.

I do not hope for a job just to be paid, but I choose to hope for an employer whom believes and trust me to hire me. Do feel free to reach out to me, to adjust on my schedule if you need my help.

Thank you for taking your time to read. Nice day ahead!


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Leny Hor
Hi, I am Leny, 25 years old, Singaporean female. My race is Chinese and religion is buddhist. I reside along... (More Details)
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