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20 years of experience as babysitter. Being a mother of 2 children, Irene ensures that the children she looks after are well fed and taken care of. She has a passion to take care of children from ages 1 month old and above. Irene even sings to them and do some activities with them. You will be able to have the confidence to leave your children in her care.

SGD22.00 / hour
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Irene Neo
20 years of experience as a babysitter. Having experience working in infant care centres and having personal... (More Details)
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Siew Peng Singapore 01 Jan 2018 17:15 PM

Irene is very friendly and a fast worker! She is a very good companion for my mother and takes good care of my son. She is very knowledgeable and I learnt a lot of tips from her on caring for my son! Will definitely engage her services again!

Shee Ni Singapore 08 Aug 2018 15:49 PM

Thanks, Caregiver Asia for the match! Irene is amazing, my son of two years plus took to her immediately despite not being comfortable with strangers around. She takes note of how she introduces herself to children and ensures she is early for her service. I've not seen my son took to someone so quickly and she assists my mother in taking care of my boy in teaching and general care for him.

Lazzat Singapore 09 Sep 2018 11:26 AM

Irene is very friendly, especially with my little son. She handles the baby so easily. During eating time, she is so patient with the child. I’m happy with her the way she handles my son and appreciated her job. She’s doing the best job so far! I would rate her 6 stars out of 5. Thank you caregiver!

Yee Jie Singapore 09 Sep 2018 11:47 AM

Irene is extremely helpful. She’s always offering to help out with house chores besides taking care of baby which is really a plus point. She also gives good advices from her babysitting experiences. I’ve learnt so much from her. So thankful to have her around.

Catherine Singapore 09 Sep 2018 11:53 AM

Irene is good and my kids like her! Will continue to book her services when needed.

Katherine Singapore 09 Sep 2018 09:36 AM

Irene has given my family a great support during the time I need help the most. I really appreciate her patient and attention she showered on both my kids. It’s not easy task to handle a twins! She really go into details how to care for the children and provide a lot of advise. Thank you very much Irene for your wonderful support!

Kathy Singapore 06 Jun 2019 09:32 AM

I would like to commend Irene on her outstanding performance as a babysitter. I’ve hired Irene as an ad hoc babysitter for many occasions since last year. Irene is professional and has a very pleasant personality. She is hardworking, cheerful and very experienced in looking after kids. I’ve hired her to look after my son who is 3 years old. There are several occassions when we had to make last-minute requests for her service due to unforseen circumstances. She is always very accommodating to our schedule and made herself available as much as she can. What impresses me most is that she is honest, genuinely caring and would go beyond her job responsbilities to show care and concern for myself (as I was recuperating due to sickness) and my family. I would therefore highly recommend her to anyone who would like to engage babysitting service from her.

Jenni Singapore 07 Jul 2019 12:36 PM

We would like to write a testimonial for Irene who was our newborn son’s nanny for a little over a month in April/May 2019 First and foremost, Irene has been extremely loving to our little boy and treated him like her own child. She was extremely careful in handling him and ensured that he is well taken care off even for the 4 hours that she was with us. She always arrive earlier to ensure she gets enough time to change and start minding the little one. We have nothing but sheer gratefulness for her as she helped us through the first month. She has become more of a friend than just a part-time nanny. We have even decided that she be the little boy’s godmother in time. She has gone beyond just the nanny job and when there was a time where he was admitted to the hospital and it was the last day of her engagement (Friday), she spent a full weekend (Saturday) with us and accompanied us as a friend. She fed and cared for baby Andrew while me and my wife sorted our logistics to stay at the hospital for the next one week. She counseled us and made sure we took care of ourselves also. We would highly recommend her to anyone who appreciates someone who would care for your child as much as you would and more, provided we treat her as family too. Thank You, Irene, from the bottom of our hearts.

Ben Singapore 07 Jul 2020 09:32 AM

Friendly, good with baby and toddler, very engaging with toddler and baby

Siti Singapore 07 Jul 2020 13:44 PM

Yesterday while i was out running errands,she help me take in my hanging floor mat.Really a + point !Keep up her good work.

Michal Singapore 09 Sep 2020 13:39 PM

Thank you for recommending Irene. She’s very good and hard working person. I will recommend 5 stars!

Charmain Singapore 02 Feb 2023 18:18 PM

Irene has been a god-sent. We engaged her for 10 months and she has been absolutely lovely around our 1 year old son. She’s full of love, has a bubbly personality and interacts well with our son, often making him laugh. Beyond just looking after his basic needs, she also engages him in educational activities such as sensory play, music/singing, outdoor activities etc. and my son has learnt so much from her. She always arrives early and often goes out of the way to even buy fruits and small toys for him. Irene is not only professional but genuinely cares for our son and his overall well-being. She will be missed by our whole family. Extremely grateful for all her help and would highly recommend her to anyone.