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Hey, I am Esther Chan, age 67, I have 3 grown up children above 30 years old. Currently, I am taking care of my 6 months old grand daughter since birth. I have completed Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine Degree, one of module on children well being, massage, detect the health of children.

I am keen to take care infant starting from 2 months to 1.5 years old


Prior to year 2017, working in Accounts & Finance sector.

2017 Completed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) degree course

2019 Obtained Care Giver Certification, working as freelance care giver to elderly home care service

and CPR First Aid course

In mid November 2019, has been taking care of daughter in-law during her confinement, mainly on

her diet with herbal and confinement food. Also, taking care of new born till now she is 6.5 month old.

Of course, with the help of TCM knowledge which gave me better confidence to accomplish example

regular massage to infant, and solid diet process, health monitoring base on her stool (shape, smell etc).

Why I have sudden switch in career?

Basically, after many years in 9 to 5 desk jobs, like to have a change by giving back to society.

Moreover, I am a passionate and warmth person who is caring to well being of young and old.

I had studied full 7 years of part time TCM, time to apply my knowledge and gain experience in

these areas.

SGD20.00 / hour
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Esther CHAN
Hey, I am Esther Chan, age 67, I have 3 grown up children above 30 years old. Currently, I am taking care of my 6... (More Details)
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