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Experienced Babysitter

Experienced Trustworthy,   Compassionate and Caring Baby Sitter to help out while you need to attend to urgent meetings or functions for the day. Trained in Early Child Development Education for 2 to 6 years. To watch over your child safety and to keep your child company through playing games or singing nursery rhyme. Minimum 4 hours service.

Does not include household chores such as washing dishes, cleaning or doing baby laundry. BABY SAFETY TOP PRIORITY. Please note that babysitting does not include teaching your child English Language as I have another service at $50/hour

Weekdays 25/hour 1 child, $30/2 kids

Weekends 27/hour 1 child, $32/2 kids

Trial Session 1 hour is at $35/hour. MINIMUM 2 HRS


For long term, Mon to Fri for 9 hours for a few months, kindly note i will charge slightly cheaper hourly but please do not reduce more than $500 per month as I have to deposit CPF and pay insurance.

PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT DO OVERNIGHT SERVICES. Do note that there is extra charge $40 for Public Holidays and on certain eve of Public Holidays as per Caregiver Asia Policy. If you booked 4 hours and decided that I can go off 30 mins earlier, there will be no refund. Last minute cancellation NO REFUND as i cannot take other cases.

For services up to 11pm, transport charge will be $40 instead of $30 due to fuel hike and taxi company increased rates.


Thank you.

Call now to avoid disappointment.

SGD25.00 / hour
Special rates apply
  • * SGD30.00 / hour during public holidays.
  • * SGD30.00 / hour from 23:00PM to 08:00AM or anytime on weekends.
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    Charissa Tan
    Experienced Medical Escort and Caregiver with a heart of compassion, patience and understanding for your loved ones.... (More Details)
    This caregiver 's average rating is Excellent (4.9 / 5).     26 Reviews    
    This Caregiver has passed our backgrounds check and is definitely safe to have in your homes, taking care of you and your loved ones.

    Last service : 03 Oct 2022


    Service(s) Provided
    • Look after your baby with safety in mind
    • Prepare milk and feed baby,play with baby
    • Wash milk bottle and sterilse after baby is asleep
    • NO SHOWERING as babies will cry and we dont want to create bad experience for b
    Time Schedule
    • Minimum duration 4 hours
    • Maximum duration 10 hours
    • Advance Notice 12 hours (time required for acknowledging a booking)
    • Rest & Travel time 2 hours (time required between bookings)
    How to make a booking
    • Click and drag within the green slots on the calendar to book

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    Brian Singapore 12 Dec 2018 16:26 PM

    Charissa is a great baby-sitter, taking care of children beyond my expectation. Not just a person who only does the things exactly as instructed, but trying to look for extra things to add more value to.

    Ombelle Singapore 01 Jan 2019 09:22 AM

    Charissa is very considerate and super good with kids. She taught my daughter and son to draw, pay board, play Uno card game, and not letting them spend too many time on screen. My son and daughter had a very good day. Very lucky to have such nice and responsible babysitter. Thank you!

    Matt Singapore 01 Jan 2019 08:59 AM

    Prompt, friendly and great with the kids. Went above and beyond. She played games with our 3 young children who have provided great feedback. Would highly recommend and will use again next time we are in Singapore.

    Yanran Singapore 02 Feb 2019 11:03 AM

    Charissa did a good job, thank you!

    Jorge Singapore 03 Mar 2019 16:08 PM

    I wanted to leave a positive feedback on Charissa. She was great at helping my helper taking care of Sam. The logistics with her were easy and she was always on time. We had a great experience and we will definitely contact her in the future if needed.

    Christa Singapore 06 Jun 2019 10:04 AM

    Charissa was amazing! She was very good and kind with our children. I hope to be fortunate enough to use her next time we are in town. She is such a blessing.

    Frederik Singapore 06 Jun 2019 15:02 PM

    5 Stars: Great help on short notice. Came well prepared and even cleaned the dishes after the kids were asleep.

    Yushuwa Nettles Singapore 06 Jun 2019 14:56 PM

    We've now had the pleasure of having Charissa babysit our three young boys on two separate evenings. She's been reliable and has arrived a few minutes early to discuss our instructions and plans for the evening. She was very attentive and loving to our baby and helped him to get off to sleep. She was able to take over immediately when she arrived on the second evening allowing us to leave on time. Her experience has meant that she's able to handle putting three young children to bed on time, reading them stories and comforting them when upset. We and our three young boys have enjoyed getting to know her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to other families. We look forward to having her babysit again for us in the future. - Gordon and Auggie White

    Felicia Singapore 06 Jun 2019 14:58 PM

    Yes, she was great..

    Charissa Singapore 07 Jul 2019 12:11 PM

    We are very lucky and blessed to have Charissa to help us to get through our busy time. She is very good on time management, caring and get along very well with my daughter. She also brought along her teaching tools and colouring materials during her 2 days with us. I really appreciate her constant updates so I don’t have to worry and knowing that everything is under control. Thank you so much Charissa! Mrs Yeo M.P.

    Camille Singapore 11 Nov 2019 17:49 PM

    Charissa was warm and pleasant. She looked after my 2 kids, who are 4 and 6 years old, and I could see her actively engage and build rapport with them from the time she stepped into our place. She arrived 10 minutes early and also brought over her own colouring sheets, puzzles. I appreciated that she also updated me periodically on my children through the evening on their dinner, bedtime, etc.

    Junn Singapore 12 Dec 2019 14:26 PM

    Charissa is an engaging teacher. She brought her own colouring pencils and papers to explore with my daughter. She also fed bathed and played with my girl who enjoyed her company a lot. Charissa is patient and turned meal times into learning outcomes. - Ms Lim

    Natalia Zamarripa Singapore 03 Mar 2020 07:25 AM

    Charissa is a kind, trustworthy and friendly babysitter. She was punctual, flexible and had good communication. I would highly recommend her.

    Kay Singapore 08 Aug 2020 09:11 AM

    My Husband and I have been very pleased every time Charissa has babysat our son when we have been out for the evening. Charissa is friendly, attentive and our son enjoys the games they play together. I would highly recommend her services

    Ben Singapore 08 Aug 2020 09:06 AM

    Very friendly and easy going

    Ellie Singapore 08 Aug 2020 08:53 AM

    I am satisfied with Charissa's service. I give her 5 star. She is professional, knowledgeable, and caring.

    Richard Singapore 03 Mar 2021 17:36 PM

    She’s very helpful and provide lots of advice to me and wife. We are quite happy with her around. She taught us a lot about holding the baby, speaking nice things and play music to baby, all kinds of advice My wife could have a good sleep in the afternoon because of her

    Alexandria Singapore 03 Mar 2021 08:52 AM

    Thanks for helping to arrange for Charissa these 3 days! Charissa is very professional at what she does. My 7 month old took to her almost immediately and was comfortable with her. Can be rest assured that your child is left in good hands.

    Jereen Singapore 07 Jul 2021 15:40 PM

    We liked her and thought she offered us relief

    Ilse Singapore 07 Jul 2021 18:30 PM

    Charissa is very friendly and polite, very good with children, creative, knows perfectly how to deal with the language barrier, punctual, attention to hygiene, gives good feedback afterwards. We definitely recommend her and looking forward to work with her again in the near future

    Crissy Singapore 08 Aug 2022 18:58 PM

    I’ve booked Charissa’s services for my 8 month old baby son for 3 weeks. She is very experienced and a natural in handling childcare related tasks. She easily adapted to my son’s routine and added exercises and learning experiences that benefitted my baby a lot. She respects our instructions and always informs us before introducing something new to our baby. We will definitely book her services again!