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Pediatric Massage / Pediatric Tuina / Children Massage

Pediatric Massage is suitable for kids below 12 years old, and especially effective for kids below 6 years old.
It can enhance the body immunity, prevent disease and help children to recover from sickness.

SGD$60 / session
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Jason Wang
Registered TCM Physician & Registered Staff Nurse. With various hospital and clinic working experience. Passion... (More Details)
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Service(s) Provided
  • Kind of traditional and modern treatment method based on TCM theory.
  • Faster effective than other treatment on some common diseases.
  • Less or no side effect for this treatment
  • kids are more prone to accept the massage or Tuina method
  • Good effect on common cold, fever,cough,anorexia,diarrhea,constipation andso on
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Minimum duration 0 hours 30 minutes
Maximum duration 0 hours 45 minutes
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