Looking to find the right caregiver in Singapore to look after a sick relative, or assist you in your daily errands? You'll be spoilt for choice with the sheer number of caregivers on the CaregiverAsia platform!

Feeling overwhelmed by the decision-making? Don't panic because we've done the groundwork for you to alleviate the headache of picking the right caregiver in Singapore to suit your care needs!

Weekends & Public Holiday Fees

In various caregiving agencies, caregivers in Singapore will usually be charged on an hourly rate or a session of 12 hours.

At CaregiverAsia, our prices are fixed and dependent on the caregiver's schedule. It's entirely up to the caregiver to decide if they'll charge extra on weekends and public holidays, or even work at all! Other than a small booking fee which varies depending on the medium used to book the service (self-service on the platform or through our call center), you won't have to worry about being charged more than the sum that you've been made aware of.

Cancellation Policy

Should something unexpected arise, you might have to cancel on your caregiver at the last minute. Some caregiving agencies in Singapore have different time-sensitive policies should you choose to terminate your caregiver's services prematurely. Agencies will impose a small lump sum should you fail to cancel your arrangement in a specific amount of time, or even charge you the full rate of the caregiving service regardless.

Should you cancel a caregiver from CaregiverAsia 48 hours before the service commences, you will be fully refunded on your expenses (excluding the booking charges). However, last minute cancellations that are made within the 48 hours will not be similarly compensated.

Price Range

The prices of caregivers in Singapore are dependent on the qualifications and skills of each specific person. In some agencies, it would be a tad more expensive in hiring the services of a registered nurse, rather than choosing an enrolled nurse. Others may charge similar price despite their difference in training.

At CaregiverAsia, our prices are similarly adjusted on their abilities and experience. Furthermore, our caregivers are subject to reviews from their past clients, which will provide you with a more accurate picture on which caregiver can suit your exact needs without any issues.

Caregiver Duties

The caregiver agencies usually provide selective services, depending on their business model. Nursing homes, as the name implies, specialize in nurses that provide care and support to their clients. Online sites, on the other hand, might choose to delve in exclusive freelance caregiving services for clients, such as household cleaning or babysitting.

You can, however, find almost any type of caregiving services at CaregiverAsia. From medical and nursing care, to wellness and personal care, there is a wide range of services for you to browse through. As an online aggregating platform and marketplace for any caregiver in Singapore to ply his or her trade, you'll be able to find someone for your needs!

Minimum Duration

Most caregiving agencies in Singapore often require careseekers to book a minimum number of hours for their services. Some agencies might deem it necessary for you to book at least eight hours of caregiving services, whereas others are content with only an hour's minimum. There are also companies that are not fussed on any required durations at all.

At CaregiverAsia, our minimum durations are set by our caregivers themselves. Some are more than happy to work for a few hours, while there are those that are content with a full-day session. If you're not keen on conforming to an agency's minimum hours, then why not try our platform to see if you can find the right caregiver with a mutual timing?

Hopefully the above comparisons have given you a clearer picture on the caregiving agencies and platforms in Singapore. Take your time to decide on the right caregiver in Singapore for your needs. You definitely do not want to put yourself in a difficult situation when it comes to the welfare of you and your loved ones.