How It Works


1 .   What is CaregiverAsia?

Welcome to CaregiverAsia. We are here to help you find qualified, dependable, and professional care for you and your loved ones. We are a home care specialist headquartered in Singapore since 2015, delivering care through our award-winning online care marketplace - Besides Singapore, we also have operations in Malaysia and the USA.

CaregiverAsia gives instant relief to people facing care emergencies by allowing them to search and book for respite, step-down and home care in a transparent and affordable manner. Through a simple search on our website, you would be able to access the profiles of multiple Caregivers registered with us. You can search for care via pricing, care specialisation and availability. Booking confirmations are instantaneous and can be done anytime through our online realtime calendar system or via our 24 hour hotline at +65 6258 6683.

CaregiverAsia’s community of Caregivers are proud freelancers (and if you are one, we want you in our community!). In order to be listed with us, we go through careful screening to make sure that each Caregiver has the necessary training/experience and the mandatory licenses to carry out their care services. There is an opt-in process to have their backgrounds checked with a third party specialist. We believe in transparancy, and along with the Caregivers' profiles, you will be able to see open reviews of their previous care sessions. We standby our mark of quality, and services booked through our platform are insured up to SGD100,000 per case.

We invite you to explore our services at or join our community on

2 .   How is CaregiverAsia different from a traditional provider?

Unlike most traditional providers, our community of Caregivers are predominantly freelancers who have the necessary training/experience and mandatory licenses to provide care services. By offering this new model of community home care, our 5,000 (and counting) freelance community augments the current pool of Caregivers available to provide the care that we need in the face of a medical emergency, post injury recuperation post or helping an elderly loved one age-in-place gracefully.

CaregiverAsia does not employ our Caregivers directly. Instead, we allow Careseekers to choose and hire the services of the Caregiver directly, with the same quality safety nets, insurance protection and buyer-seller legal agreements offered by traditional providers. By booking only the hours you require, and allowing Caregivers to practice on their own terms as freelancers, both parties benefit by building long-term relationships.

We believe in empowering our Caregivers with a viable livelihood through Caregiving, and as such, we do not impose any charges on our Caregivers. For the Careseeker, we add a booking charge to the total bill, paid by the Careseeker, to cover the cost of administration.

3 .   What does it mean to be a Caregiver in CaregiverAsia?

Our community of Caregivers are proud, passionate, independent healthcare and home care practitioners who provide direct care to Careseekers. They come from all walks of life, and we have doctors, nurses, therapists, counsellors, babysitters, care companions, medical escorts, and confinement nannies listing their services with us.

Through our care marketplace,, we provide a platform for our freelance Caregivers to broadcast their services to people and families in need of their care services.

4 .   How does CaregiverAsia work?

CaregiverAsia was conceived by Careseekers for people like you and me when it comes to finding care easily and in a timely fashion. The heart of CaregiverAsia is our online marketplace,, which connects our large and growing community of freelance Caregivers with families in need of medical and home care.

Everyone is free to browse for Caregivers and services on our website. In order to make a booking or sign up as a Caregiver, you will need to create an account with us. This is to ensure the continued safety of our Caregiving ecosystem. Simply sign up with your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ accounts, or complete an online registration form with your email address.

For Careseekers, you can start booking services online upon successful creation of an account. Once you have found a care service you would like to book, you can check the Caregiver’s availability from the online calendar system. Drag-and-select the hours you need, click “Book Now”, follow the prompts and pay via your credit card or eNets and that’s it! Your service is confirmed, and your Caregiver will turn up at the appointed time. Finally, CaregiverAsia offers an open rating system so you can rate your Caregiver and if you like them - have them back again.

If you are unable to find a care service or suitable time schedule of your chosen Caregiver, our 24 hour Care Line at +65 6258 6683 is always ready to provide a helping hand. If you are uncertain about a service or using our website, you can also contact us on the Livechat button on the website.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions and step-by-step guide below to find out more from a Careseeker's perspective.

For Caregivers, you can start posting your services upon successful creation of an account. Please refer to the frequently asked questions and step-by-step guide below to find out more from a Caregiver's perspective.

5 .   Is it safe?

Your safety and those in our community are our top priorities. We understand that it is often a stressful decision when choosing a Caregiver, as attending to a medical emergency or care needs of a loved one is one of the most vulnerable situations. We have put in various checks to ensure the safety of our community, so please bear with us on this rather lengthy explanation of what we do!

We prioritise our safety measures into three major areas:

1. Ensuring Proper Caregiver Qualifications

CaregiverAsia prides itself on being able to offer a comprehensive range of care services, from medical and nursing services to personal care services, and to baby and child care services. As such, our Caregivers come from all professional backgrounds, and we classify our Caregivers into two broad categories when assessing the neccesary qualifications/experience and mandatory licenses they need to have before providing their services to you.

In the first group are Caregivers who freelance as Doctors, Registered Nurses, Allied Health Professionals (includes Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Dieticians) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM Practitioners). By law, to practice in such professions, these professionals must be licensed by their professional bodies and councils, and in Singapore, these are governed by the state, under the Singapore Ministry of Health. Caregivers who list themselves on our platform as providers of these services, will need to submit their licenses to us for verfication before their listings can be approved.

In the second group are Caregivers who practice in care areas which have no formal licensing bodies, and these include Counsellors, Chiropractors, Nurse Aides, Care Companions, Baby Sitters, Confinement Nannies and Medical Escorts. In such cases, we will verify their qualifications via a range of documentations, including educational certifications, training certifications and memberships in corresponding Professional Associations if applicable.

All Caregivers are also encouraged to take on our Foundational Caregiving Online Training Programme, co-designed with NTUC Learning Hub, before they start taking on Caregiving duties. This covers the foundation of Hand Hygiene, Grooming and Communications Skills necessary for home Caregivers. For Caregivers who have completed this training programme with us, a training badge will be turned on in their profiles.

2. Legal & Insurance Safety Nets for Care Services

Booking and purchasing a service on our website or through our Care Line, automatically enters you into a binding service agreement with the Caregiver, and this, together with the website’s Terms of Service, covers the four bases in a Contract for Service Agreement which includes:

a. Scope of Service

b. Service Variation(s)

c. Payment Terms

d. Dispute Resolution

Having a formal Contract for Service Agreement in place, allows for clarity and transparency for both parties (Caregiver and Careseeker), especially for important activities like caring and looking after a loved one.

In addition to this, all cases booked through our Website and Care Line, are covered by insurance, which covers the Caregiver for the following unfortunate situations:

a. Medical Malpractice

b. Professional Liability

c. Loss of Documents

d. Breach of Confidentiality

3. Backgrounds of Caregivers

CaregiverAsia only works with Caregivers who are Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents.

Complementing our in-house interview and screening process, we also work with Avvanz*, a third party background check company to offer opt-in background screenings for Caregivers across 4,000 global databases. These databases are the same as those being used by global enforcement agencies to check for criminality, financial embarrassment and terrorism alerts. Caregivers who have cleared the background check will have a badge turned on in their profiles. Caregivers who fail the backgound check will not be allowed to list their services with us.

* Avvanz, is a Singapore-headquartered company of more than 150 employees with global presence in Asia, North America and Europe.

Besides these pre-service safety nets, we also invite Careseekers to review the services of our Caregivers online. This encourages a spirit of transparency and service excellence in our community.

6 .   What services do Caregivers provide?

Caregivers on our platform provide a wide range of services, including general home care, home nursing care, confinement and babysitting services, home therapy services and respite care etc.

General Home Care

Our experienced caregivers will come to your home to help your loved ones and elderly in your family with daily activities and improve their personal well-being.

Home Nursing Care

Our home nurses will provide your loved ones and elderly with the same nursing procedures you would receive in a nursing care facility or hospital, all from the comfort of your own home.

Confinement and Babysitting Services

These are care services for mums-to-be, new mums and newborns. They include confinement nanny services, pregnancy massages, post-pregnancy massages, baby massages, babysitting and caring for children with special needs.

Home Therapy Services

Home therapy helps to facilitate the recovery for the elderly so that they can return to their previous activities. Care services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy as well as speech therapy.

Respite Care

We are your reliable back up plan for when your helper needs a break. We can provide a qualified professional as soon as possible if your helper is unavailable or sick, or is having a day off, or on holidays.

Please click here to browse our services.

7 .   Does CaregiverAsia work with corporate bodies and organisations?

Aside from our online and mobile platforms for booking care, CaregiverAsia also operates Caregiver recruitment and full-time candidate placements into our corporate partners of health care establishments such as hospitals, clinics, hospices etc.

This is ideal for last minute staffing requests. To find out more, visit our Caregiver Recruitment website.


1 .   How do I start using

As a Careseeker you can immediately start browsing by clicking on “Browse Services” or one of the Caregiver Categories.

2 .   How do I book a care service?

To make a booking you will need to sign-up or login if you already have an account with us. All new users will need to sign-up by completing the registration form.

Select the "Careseeker" option and complete your personal details. An email will be sent to you to verify your account. If you'd like to register as a Caregiver, please refer to the next section.

Once you have completed the quick registration you are now ready to book. When you’ve found a care service you’d like to book choose a time and click "Book Now". Follow the prompts to make payment via your credit card and that’s it!

If you’re unable to find a care service or suitable time schedule, please contact our Call Centre on +603 2856 2273 and our team will be more than happy to help.

3 .   What are the booking charges?

For all bookings, the charges are 20% of total service charge.

(eg. If total service charge is MYR $ 100.00, you will have to pay MYR $120.00)

4 .   What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 48-hour cancellation policy which means any service cancelled within 48 hours of the service commencement is non-refundable. This is due to the fact that many of our Caregivers provide services that require up-front preparation, purchasing of consumables or pre-work to ensure quality of service. We will however, provide a refund in the event of death.

If the cancellation is done before 48 hours of the service commencement the full amount of the service charge will be refunded back to you (excluding the booking charges).

Please note that the booking charges are always non-refundable.

5 .   What happens if the Caregiver cancels on me?

Immediately contact our Call Centre on +603 2856 2273 and we will help you find another Caregiver. We strongly discourage our Caregivers to cancel bookings without a legitimate reason as Careseekers can provide this type of feedback in a review. A Caregiver with a continuous record of cancelling will be removed from our site.

6 .   I booked a care service but I wasn't sure if the payment went through. What should I do?

You will be notified via email if you're booking and payment has been successful. If you do not receive this within 1 hour, please contact our call centre on +603 2856 2273.

7 .   Is there a binding contract between the Caregivers and me?

Please note that when you purchase the service(s) on our website, upon successful completion of the transaction, you are entering into a binding contract with the Caregiver(s).

1 .   How do I start using

As a Caregiver, you will need to register and create a profile before you can start posting your care services. Here is a step-by-step guide.

2 .   How much does it cost to post a service?

Absolutely nothing and we plan to keep it this way!

3 .   What should I write when I am posting a service?

When you are posting your service(s), be as specific and accurate as possible. Remember not to over promise on the service(s) to be provided.

4 .   How am I notified about a booking?

You will be notified of a successful booking via email. For urgent cases we may contact you directly via phone.

5 .   How do I get paid?

Once the service has been completed we will make the full payment to you 3 business days later. This is to ensure the Careseeker is completely satisfied with the service they received and also allow time to resolve any disputes.

We will also require your bank account details for us to make the payment directly into your account. Our call centre team will contact you shortly after you’ve completed your registration to obtain this information.

6 .   What if I don’t receive my payment when I expect to receive it?

Contact our call centre on +603 2856 2273 and we will find out what happened!

7 .   What happens if a Careseeker cancels the booking?

Please refer to the above section on our cancellation policy.

8 .   What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

We strongly discourage cancelling a booking unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Remember the available time you post are a commitment you make to our Careseekers. Breaking this commitment will leave you open to unfavourable reviews and should we see a pattern of cancellations you will be removed from the platform.

9 .   Is there a binding contract between the Careseekers and me?

Please note that when you have agreed to provide the service(s) on our website, upon successful completion of the transaction, you are entering into a binding contract with the Careseeker(s).

1 .   What kind of services does CaregiverAsia provide for corporate bodies?

CaregiverAsia has a big pool of doctors, nurses and caregivers registered under our platform. We partner with hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, hospices, dialysis centres etc., to provide additional manpower.

Caregivers on our platform provide a wide range of services, including general home care, home nursing care, confinement and babysitting services, home therapy services and respite care.

CaregiverAsia can solve your last minute staffing worries and connect you with qualified Caregivers.

2 .   If I like one of the Caregiver profiles? Can I recruit the Caregiver on a full-time basis?

Thank you for your interest! These Caregivers are usually freelancers by choice.

CaregiverAsia operates Caregiver Recruitment and is well-equipped to handle full-time candidate placements into our corporate partners of health and care establishments such as hospitals, clinics, hospices etc.

Please get in touch with us at +65 6258 6683 and we are more than happy to help!