Our experienced caregivers are locals, Singaporean Citizens and PRs, as we understand how important it is for our caregivers to be able to communicate with your loved ones.

general home care

Our experienced caregivers will come to your home to help your loved ones and elderly in your family with daily activities and improve their personal well-being. Available for part time services.

Food Preparation
Buying food, reheating food and feeding

Personal Care & Hygiene
Daily care needs like sponging, bathing, toileting

Health & Fitness
Keep the elderly active with simple exercises or stretches for bed-bound patients

Keep company with your loved ones at home

Medical Escort
Accompanying your loved ones to medical appointments or check-ups

home NURSING care

Our home nurses will provide your loved ones and elderly with the same nursing procedures you would receive in a nursing care facility or hospital, all from the comfort of your own home.

Nutrition & Feeding
Nasogastric Tube Feeding
PEG Feeding

Stoma Care
Change of Stoma Wafer And Bag
Draining Of Stoma Bag

Wound Care
Wound Management & Dressing (Including Stage 1-4 pressure ulcer and surgical wounds)
Removal of Stitches/Staples

Tube & Catheter Care
Nasogastric Tube Insertion
Urinary Catheterisation
Change of Urosheath
Suprapubic Catheter Dressing

Respiratory Care
Change of Tracheostomy Dressing
Management of patient with BiPAP machine
Oral Tracheostomy / Suctioning
Normal Suctioning

Medical Administration
IV Cannulation
IV Administration (Bolus/Infusion) - Including IV TPN and IV Antibiotic administration
Injection – Including Intramuscular/Subcutaneous injection
CVC/PICC Management
Nebulizer Administration
Picc Dressing



We understand that finding a caregiver for your loved ones can be stressful. Let us help you!

That’s why we came up CaregiverPlus. It starts from a systematic and holistic assessment of different health and wellness needs for your loved ones.

After the assessment, the Senior Nursing Professional will develop a care management plan that will cover the home care services.


“We find her very responsible & caring towards the elderly. Highly recommended. Karen has been so nice & concern toward my mum. She is more than a caregiver, listening & chat & company my mum during breakfast, even try help to find medication to ease my mum's need…appreciated. God Bless!”

“We rate her 5 stars. Spending time with, and engaging, a dementia patient is no easy task but Lyn is excellent at it. She is very patient and manages to encourage my mother-in-law to actively participate in activities such as colouring, origami and word games. She provides validation and affirmation and a warmth that has made my mother-in-law not only accept her presence but enjoy her company too.”



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