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Every week, we publish helpful, hilarious, inspiring and heartwarming stories. By joining us, you will receive caregiving tips, insights on freelancing and awe inspiring real life care stories from our community.

Guide: Aging in Place

This is a comprehensive guide on how to provide home care for the elderly. Family members can rotate with providing care, or the family helper can assist or at least be home with the elderly patient. Should the family really not be able to cope amongst themselves, then home nurses or external caregivers will have to be brought in.

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Guide: Congratulations you're pregnant!

This is a guide to prepare you for your baby's arrival. This includes learning about the first trimester, looking for confinement care, shopping for baby, preparing your finances and even a baby shower!

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A Mom’s Journal: 6 Tips for Postpartum Recovery

Are you looking forward to meeting your little bundle of joy? Here are 6 Tips for Postpartum Recovery to help you prepare yourself for life after delivery. Understand the changes to your body, identify signs of illnesses, and overcome the challenges in breastfeeding. We'll share first-hand experiences from a mother of three!

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A Mom’s Journal: 6 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Baby’s Arrival!

Are you going to be a mummy for the very first time? These 6 Tips will help you prepare for your baby's arrival. Discover the essential items required for yourself and your baby, and receive tips for raising a happy and healthy baby from a mother of three!

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Blog: Alzheimer's Disease Association on how to help dementia patients physically, emotionally and mentally

Do you know that the prevalence of dementia including Alzheimer's in Singapore is predicted to hit 45,000 in 2015 and 103,000 by 2030? In Malaysia, the numbers are more than double, according to Alzheimer's Disease International. Read the article

Blog: Speech Therapist Beatrice Teo shares her journey in helping people with communication and swallowing difficulties

In adults, signs that you may need speech therapy include difficulty with speech, voice and swallowing. For adults with swallowing difficulties, they would often cough or choke when eating and drinking. This may be due to weakness in their swallowing muscles, resulting in the food and drink entering the airway when they swallow. Read the article

Blog: Counsellor Kelly Tan shares how counselling helps with mental wellness

Counseling becomes a safe medium for those facing a stressful period in their lives. Stressful moments can sometimes arise from grieving a loss of a loved one, depression, addiction, anxiety, troubled domestic relationships, anger management and other issues, which are affecting the wellbeing of the individuals and their families. Read the article

Video: Occupational Therapy

An Occupational Therapist not only helps patients regain their functionality at home and in the community but also equips their caregivers with the knowledge to help the patients manage their psychological and physical stress. Watch the video

Video: A day in the life of a freelance nurse

For this year's Nurses Day, here's a special story from our freelance nurse Yassotha. As a nurse, do you know that there's more to the job than the confines of the hospital wards? Yassotha shares us on the perks and advantages in a day in the life of a freelance nurse! Watch the video


Pregnancy is simply the first step in motherhood. Are you prepared for what to expect after childbirth? Don't worry, there's a place where you can seek help if you're worried. Our post-natal coach Li Li shares her own personal experience and advice for new mothers who want the best for their newborn baby! Watch the video


Did you know that poor posture can lead to complications during pregnancy? Dr. Judy Lee from Wellness for Life Chiropractic not only highlights the problems that can arise from bad spinal health, but also teaches about the benefits that mothers-to-be can gain from chiropractic therapy during pregnancy. Watch the video


Physiotherapy is crucial to any post-operation recovery. Our freelance physiotherapist sheds some light on why it's important, as well as the exercises to help patients recover faster. Watch the video

Every week, we publish helpful, hilarious, inspiring and heartwarming stories. By joining us, you will receive caregiving tips, insights on freelancing and awe inspiring real life care stories from our community.

Guide: Life After Retrenchment 2020

In this volatile economy, retrenchment can happen to anyone in the workforce. Being on the receiving end of the bad news can make one feel dejected.

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Guide: So what if you're retrenched?

Retrenchment affects you not only physically, but hits hard on your mind, emotions, and feelings. Put it simply, your whole well-being is put under threat when you are being retrenched. In this e-book, you will find 5 tips that will help you take control of your situation, recommended by Sam Chia, a Business, Leadership & Life Coach and the Founder of SC Coaching Asia.

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Guide: Mid-Career Journey

With more and more businesses engaging freelancers online, it's no surprise that many caregivers are posting their services on online platforms. CaregiverAsia is such a platform for freelance caregivers to post their job listings online for free.

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Blog: 5 super viable career alternatives to full-time work

This list is a summary of our most favourite career alternatives to full time work, based on self reflection, conversations with peers and observations of others. Which path would you choose? Read the article

Guide: Ultimate Freelancing Guide 2020

Planning to roll-out your freelance business? We have a guide for freelancers covering topics like freelancer rates, surviving on a freelance income, legal obligations, including tax dos and don'ts.

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今天就下载 《自由职业终极指南2020》,让自己在开创自由职业的事业道路上得到有用的贴士和准则!

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Find out a freelancer's love-hate relationship explained in full

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