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A recent labour market survey by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) shows that retrenchments and long-term unemployment in Singapore are on the rise. In fact, according to MOM statistics, 13,730 workers were made redundant in the first nine months of 2016, a 34.5% increase from the same period for 2015.

Retrenchment affects you not only physically, but hits hard on your mind, emotions, and feelings. Put it simply, your whole well-being is put under threat when you are being retrenched. In this e-book, you will find 5 tips that will help you take control of your situation, recommended by Sam Chia, a a Business , Leadership & Life Coach and the Founder of SC Coaching Asia.

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Find out what to look for if you wish to change your career path mid-way through life. To make a successful career switch, you need to think seriously about it, make a plan, prepare yourself well, speak to the people in the know and get professional coaching for direction and guidance.

We provide general tips for older workers considering a career change, and some preparation before taking the big step. You can also learn how life coaching can help alleviate the pain during the transition process and will assist you to gain new confidence.

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With more and more businesses engaging freelancers online, it's no surprise that many caregivers are posting their services on online platforms. CaregiverAsia is such a platform for freelance caregivers to post their job listings online for free.

Read our blog to find out 5 super viable career alternatives to full-time work:


Being a caregiver to your elderly loved ones is part and parcel of life. Your love and respect for them can help you through such times in the family. This is especially when you are armed with good knowledge, information and guidance, as well as the help of medical professionals, and care options that you can turn to for assistance.

This is a comprehensive guide on how to provide home care for the elderly. Family members can rotate with providing care, or the family helper can assist or at least be home with the elderly patient. Should the family really not be able to cope amongst themselves, then home nurses or external caregivers will have to be brought in.

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Finding out that you are pregnant is a very exciting time indeed, especially if you have been planning to expand your family! For first-time moms and dads, what do you do once you have calmed over the happy news? Typically, a visit to your doctor and gynae would be a very good first step.

This is a guide to prepare you for your baby’s arrival. This includes learning about the first trimester, looking for confinement care, shopping for baby, preparing your finances and even a baby shower!

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Do you know that the prevalence of dementia including Alzheimer’s in Singapore is predicted to hit 45,000 in 2015 and 103,000 by 2030?

Chief Executive Officer of Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) Jason Foo shares his advice on how to help dementia patients physically, emotionally and mentally:

Speech Therapist Beatrice Teo shares her journey in helping people with communication and swallowing difficulties:

Counsellor Kelly Tan shares how counselling helps with mental wellness:

Watch video: An Occupational Therapist not only helps patients regain their functionality at home and in the community but also equips their caregivers with the knowledge to help the patients manage their psychological and physical stress.

Watch video: Need help with home care of a loved one? Looking for a respite from home cleaning? CaregiverAsia offers care services from home nursing to housekeeping. We've got you covered.

Watch video: Most seniors don't eat well due to a few factors and one of them is chewing difficulty. Our private Chef Susan Quah gives quick tips on things to remember when cooking for the elderly.

Watch video: Yoga helps alleviate aging conditions like arthritis and back pain, as well as helps prevent falls in the elderly. So come and try these five simple exercises!

Watch video: No one is a stranger to physical discomforts. From headaches to joint pains – we have a simple therapy to help relieve your everyday aches and pains!


Download Guide: Ultimate Freelancing Guide 2017

Freelancing in Singapore is becoming more of an option for people who are looking to earn extra income, or even experienced professionals in their craft, to provide freelance advice, counsel, service and work for their area of expertise.

We provide some broad guidelines on freelancing, tips on things you should consider and look or plan for if you are seriously considering a freelancing career; also where to go for more details and information, financial and tax information, as well as links to read about successful freelancing stories.

Find out a freelancer’s love-hate relationship explained in full: